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31.10.2018 @ Verboten - Lomo - Mainz
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02.10.2018 @ Verboten - Lomo - Mainz
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21.07.2018 @ Mosaic-Festival - Pengland - Mainz

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Thorsten was born in Mainz near Frankfurt/Germany. In 1998 he began mixing in an old backroom with two 15 years old turntables. At first he played breakbeat-sounds and german HipHop. Two years later he changed his sound and began mixing electronic dance music. After a while he got some great bookings in some of the best clubs in germany like the Cocoon Club and at great radiostations like the Global Radio/Ibiza. There he played together with artists like Anthony Rother, Gregor Tresher, Butch, Teenage Mutants,…

In august 2009 the track „African Beauty“ was released on Starlight Records/Italy. The track was placed many weeks in position 10 at the general Top-100-Downloads on Beatport. Another great release was „Brainbug“ on Tenampa Records/Mexico. This included a remix from Daniel Steinberg.

After a break of more than 6 years he is back at the decks and get back in producing electronic dance music NOW!



Here you can buy my own produced shit ;)

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